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Construction Market Tracking

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 MarketTrack provides a historical review of construction start data by state and over 300 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA's). Details include number of projects, square footage and value for 32 different project types in the residential, non-residential and engineering sectors. MarketTrack is ideal for companies with limited budgets who need market monitoring and sales penetration analyses. Start data for the current month, year-to-date and corresponding period for the previous year is included. Best used by smaller companies looking for inexpensive sales penetration and market monitoring information.

 Construction Potential Bulletins provide a snapshot review of detailed construction start data for 32 residential, non-residential and engineering project types. Current month starts, year-to-date totals and comparative data from the previous year can be broken down by thousands of geographic segments including individual county, metro area, state or nationwide. Construction Potentials Bulletins give you accurate, extensive data for planning purposes and market monitoring by keeping you up-to-date on current conditions and comparing this information with 30 years of past data.

Construction and Housing Review is a monthly publication reviewing the most  recent month’s U.S. construction activity at the national and four-region levels. The Review presents monthly updates of Dodge construction statistics, with details on specific types of construction, accompanied by commentary relating construction activity to current market and general economic conditions. A listing of the top largest projects most recently started is also presented.  In addition, the Review provides monthly updates of major economic indicators from a variety of other sources, including the U.S. Census, and ENR, and the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.



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